Eraser 6


  • Jan: Eraser available for Download on FileHorse










Eraser 5



  • July: Received TechnetCZ mention
  • June: Reviewed on Podcast aired on the 6th of June 2007.
  • May: Included on Cover CD of Computerbild
  • May: Included on Featured Cover DVD included with Windows XP Made Easy magazine


  • December: Received USA Today mention
  • November: Included on Cover CD of Chip Magazine Germany
  • October: Included on Covermount CD of PC Professionale Italy
  • September: Included on Covermount CD of Computerbild
  • October: Included on Covermount CD of Windows XP Made Easy magazine
  • October: Included on Covermount CD of
  • May: PC Japan – mentioned in the magazine and bundled on CD
  • February: PC Japan – mentioned in the magazine and bundled on CD
  • January: PC Magazine – Greece – included on bundled CD
  • January: c’t magazine – included on their CD ROM



  • Dec: ‘Computer Hoy’ awards Eraser first place. Outright winner when compared with Jetico BCWipe v.3, O&O Software Safe Erase 2.0, Cypherix Securelt, Paragon Technolgie Disk Wiper 5.5 and Ontrack
  • November: Winner of Chip Magazine’s ‘Best File Shredder Award’
  • October: Eraser appears in Fayeteeville Observer, Monday, October 25, 2004
  • August: Included on CD ROM of magazine for a German Publishing House Verlagsgruppe mbH
  • August-Oct: Included on CD ROM of Computerwoche
  • August: Mentioned in PC World Magazine
  • Jul: Reviewed in Computerbild Magazine (Germany)
  • June: Reviewed and included on Softonic’s CD-Rom distribution
  • February: Eraser is selected by participants in the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup as a 2004 Pricelessware pick
  • February: Eraser is included in the cover mount CD of PC Professionale magazine
  • January: Eraser on the Service disk bundled with PC World ItaliaMagazine


  • October: Recommended by The Screen Savers at TechTV
  • July: PC Mag Editors’ Choice Award
  • July 16: Mentioned on AOL’s homepage
  • June: Eraser gets a mention on
  • April: Microsoft Windows XP – The Official Magazine came with a CD named “File management & organization kit” which included Eraser
  • April: PC World New Zealand
  • March: The Small Business Technology Magazine wrote a short review entitled The Best Things in Life Are Free
  • February: Eraser gets a mention on
  • February: TechTV recommends Eraser as an Ultimate Data Destruction tool
  • February: PC Advisor Tips & Tricks
  • January: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester NY
  • January: Eraser gets a mention on USA Today
  • January: PCPro – Page 170: Article highlighting the Gutmann Method used by Eraser
  • JanuaryArticle on Eraser in Download DX Magazine – Japan Written in Japanese
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